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#96533 - Then the door closing as the smell of cigarette smoke begin to fill the already foul smelling toilets, Bianca froze, they didn't realise she was there, but they were going to hang around for a while – what was she going to do? She quietly sat on the loo and waited, listening to their conversation, which was moving on to her! Guy 1: “Yo, you seen that Library woman, man she is fit” Guy 2: “Ha ha, titties to die for” Guy 3: “She is worth a shag!! Haa haa” Guy 2: “A gang bang, I'm having that arse, damn in that tight skirt!” Guy 1: “You see her suspenders the skirt was that tight” Guy 3: “Haa Haa, never seen so many guys in the library man, everyone is in there” Guy 2: “I heard there is a Myspace page started on her, people talking about what they would do to her, what they have done with her and who can get the best pics of her on their camera phone” Guy 3: “Oh Shit, I'm going to check it out man!” Guy 1: “I was on it last night, nothing special as they

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