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#239800 - an sit on the seat as he flops out this gigantic monster of a cock, I've never seen something like this before easy 10” long and as wide as my fist, how the fuck am I going to fit this in my mouth, something grabs my attention from above, Steve is looking over the top of the stall, he smiles when he see's the moment I realise he's watching me, I use this as encouragment and I begin to lick his shaft, use my hand to stroke along it, like a performer tryng to entertain an audience, Steve says hey mate, just fuck the dirty slut, . he lifts his giant cock towards my opening an begins to nudge at my pussy, Im already dripping wet but considering his size im glad he's taking it slow, He's huge I can feel my pussy stretch to its fullest around his thick member slowly he pumps in and out each time going deeper and deeper, holding my hips tight he begins to thrust harder and faster, deeper and harder pounding my stretched cunt, I can hear Steve in the stall next to us grunting as he wanks his

Read Juggs T.S. I LOVE YOU... Colombia T.S. I LOVE YOU...

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Souta kishibe
Very beautiful girl i want to lick the sperm from her body and face
Yume minami
I would love to slide in and out of that wet pussy