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#204322 - Stacy looked like a star her names, hair, clothes everything about her was perfect ‘hello, you must be Danielle’ she said, l plonked myself down to explain my training wasn’t going to well so she gave me a few tips, first she said if Jeremy slaps me l was to make my eyes watery even cry if l can as that always works to get my own way and if l wanted something new like shoes, makeup, wig anything just mention that their friends slave has got it, Stacy told me an example of when she wanted a new dress then she told her master Colin that his friend Martin’s slave had another dress and the next time Stacy went to Colin’s place he had brought her a dress and new shoes because the masters hate being out done by one another they want their slaves to look the best. I stood up and looked in the mirror. Jeremy took me to his bedroom we stood kissing beside the bed, l wasn’t kissing another guy, l was Danielle snugging my master Jeremy, he forced his tongue into my mouth l was about to pull awa

Read Monster Shinyuu no Kareshi ni Okasareta Watashi Tiny Girl Shinyuu no Kareshi ni Okasareta Watashi

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