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#58317 - Sarita said, let us do one thing; we will call Rajan here ; I dont mind if he sees me like this; he might have seen from a distance; let him see from close quarters; that is no problem; but if he promises not to be demanding will you remove your blouse and bra and expose yourself before Rajan and me? - that is fair enough right? Lata was very reluctant, she said,he will readily agree to anything to see my boobs; I am sure; but he will not keep quiet; he will demand for more in the days to come; he is going to stay here for another 15 days and during day time we will be alone in the house; the boy is good but his age is bad; it is very difficult to say no and stop him; you see; but if you still insist let's call him and get a promise in your presence and hope that he will behave properly. Sarita joined in hurriedly,'Lata, you promised to open up before him and then only handle me but you have already palmed me and it is my turn; I am going ahead whether Rajan is h

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