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#139621 - Then he fisted me kneeling up one night ,, wow that’s even more intense, as he did I jumped of the bed, the intensity to much to bear, then he did it again slower, and soon I took it kneeling, it got better too, especial when he slipped his cock in with his fist , so tight, I could feel him holding his own cock inside my body, his cock slipping though his fingers as me fucked me hard, by now he could get some 300 mm of arm inside me, pushing into new chambers every few weeks, Then after some months, I had got him to fill me with cum and lay him down, sitting down firmly on his fist as I wanked my cock for my cock cum, I bounced up and down, my fist a blur as my cum got closer, then plop, I went right down, sitting just 1 inch from his elbow, his fist firmly planted so far in me now, my eyes lit up, he looked shocked as my cock shoot cum nearly to the bottom of the bed, I fell of him looking at him in complete surprise, as he said “that’s about as far as I can go” We repeated the

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His cum was unbelievable so thick what a waist that should be swallowed
Suzuna taki
Her energy is so so omg
As lighting mqueen said