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#279213 - After a long blast of cum I slowly pulled my cock out of Emma’s ass followed by a massive glob of cum just dripping out of her. I began to position my cock into Emma’s squirt drizzled clit she held her hand in the way panting “no she’s had enough just do it in my ass but be gentle first” Emma instructed me almost looking like she was gonna faint. I found myself walking around the trailer area of the movie set where the stars had their little headquarters setup it was deserted but I could see a smoke coming from behind one of the trailers this intrigued me so I went over to investigate, as I turned behind the trailer I was face to face with Emma Watson the star of the movie I tried to step back quietly as I didn’t want her to think im stalking her but it was to late Emma turned around and smiled and asked me how I snuck in on the set, I explained to her my father works on the vfx team and he decided to bring me on set.

Read Euro [Haneinu] Bitch no susume ~mesu ni mezameru seitou kaichou~ vol.1 Room Bitch no susumevol.1

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