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#333071 - Well one day when I was home alone I was in the bathroom taking a shower. I asked, “What does he hit you with?” Heather said, “He uses the wooden handle from the toilet plunger! He unscrews it and beats me with it usually a hundred times then he puts the threaded end in my cunt and makes me keep it there for an hour afterwards while I stand naked in the corner of our living room!” I asked, “How do you keep it in?” Heather said, “I clamp my knees together on the other end because my hands have to be clamped behind my head the whole time!” I asked, “Anything else?” Heather said, “Well lately he lets other men come to our apartment and beat me! They get to touch me all over while I stand there for the hour then they can fuck any hole they want afterwards! I’m sure they pay him too!” I asked, “Is that all?” Heather said, “Yes! I think so!” I had to ask, “And you allow this behavior?” Heather said, “Allow it! I don’t have a choice!” I said, “Yes you do! You

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