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#402111 - It only took a few moments before he came into the room, his face lighting up with a smile as he saw her sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes scanning over her bare form with a desirous gaze, but after a moment it faded behind one of love and affection, no doubt his lusts had already been sated that morning when he had awoken next to Tesla. They ate together and shared their stories, something Ardanis took great delight in, sharing his adventures with Tesla, or anyone for that matter. Ardanis felt the cock between his lips swell as Naira tilted her head back, letting out a rising cry of pleasure as a sudden, liquid heat erupted into Ardanis’s stomach.

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Phoenix wright
You should do a hentai of him sitting and you do a striptease showing off all your body then suck him pov
Makoto naegi
Who is shet