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#378064 - Finally we were ready and as i leaned over her and lined by cock up to her entrance i asked her one more time if she was ready and all she did to answer me was to reach up and grab my cock in her hand and start pulling it into her and that's all the more permisssion i needed as i felt it start to enter her i looked at her and wispered into her ear oh my god i can't believe how tight u are and right as i said that i felt a block. when i answered it all i heard on the other end was mike i know bobby's over at ur house cause she didn't come home last nite and she ain't at anybody's elses house, ur the only other one where she would go. I looked into her eye's and said this is gonna hurt a little bit cause it's ur first time and all she could do was nod her head okay cause she was enjoying the feel of my cock in her already and as i started to pull out a litlle bit she opened her eye's as to say what are u doing and i didn't give he

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