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#62553 - I got on to the floor with them and began to kiss Sara's back and she stopped kissing my wife and smiled at us both. I told her. I t was so sexy taking my wife's ass cherry! After about an hour of reveling in what had just happened and talking about it and assuring Sara that I would be as gently with her as I was with Melissa, she wanted me to take her ass cherry too! I'll bet there aren't many guys who can say they fucked 2 virgin asses in one night! Sara's ass was as fucking sexy as Melissa's, even more so maybe because as I said her ass was perfectly shaped and rock hard.

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Kirara akutsu
Damn i know this girl in real life man i wish i could fuck her
This is an amazing hentais with nature surrounding with a gorgeous ass i fucking love it
Tsubaki asahina
He have great weapon i love how you doing bj and that ride makes this hentai perfect
Alto saotome
Where can i get this nice cockring he is wearing