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#277454 - Miss Wilkins then reached into a desk drawer and removed a stack of what appeared to be eight by ten photograghs, and after handing him the top picture she continued, This is one of our clients who comes in at least three times a year, and as you can see she is still quite over weight. As they passed through, Erica would stop and talk to the women, giving them some encouragement, and while Ben had to admit while they weren't that particularly attractive, they did seem to be nice people, and some of them in fact weren't what Ben would call fat at all, more like pleasantly plump! Back in her office Miss Wilkins asked again, Well, Ben, do you think you can do it? This time Ben said with out reservation, Yes, I think I can! Good, she said, now we'll go over all the details, every time you service a client, you will be credited fifty dollars, and while you may be needed up to six times in one day, that would be very unusual, it's normally only three or four, a

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