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#87536 - a somewhat atheletic body. Needless to say the was gorgeous. then jsut out of nowhere cody blurted derek has a huge cock i was shocked how do you know? i asked and casually cody replied i have messed around with him (i always thought derek was hot) so i shot back can we take a shower with him!!!!? hheeeyyyy good idea so we went to the bathroom and flew the shower curtain open to find derek jacking off right there in the shower! we were already stripped and finally derek asked why did you guys just get in the shower with me well said cody we were kinda hoping you could screw us! after about a full minute derek said its your lucky day boys and he gave us the best most mature most pleasuable experience we ever had!! --------------------------------------------END-------------------------------------------.


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Genma shizume
Wow thanks genuinely appreciate that hope you win the lottery
Lol kangaroos are never getting wiped out