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#124393 - no it was my turn to make here moan i pulled her shirt off and i undid her bra and there infront of me were perky perfect B cup breast and her nippled were erect so i took one of her nipples in my mouth and started to suck on it while the other nipple i played with it with one of my hands 5 minutes later she was moaning and moaning so i stopped and i took her skirt off and she stepped out of them i was surprised when i found out she had no underwear on right infront of me was this shaven pussy and i just couldnt help myself i started to lick the slit and slipped my tounge in betwwen her pussy lips it didnt take me long to find her clit it was swollen and i started to suck it i would flick it with my tounge and then i would suck on it harder i heard her start to maon agian but i kept eating her pussy she started to gring her pussy into my face and started to shove her pelvis into the air a couple of minutes later i could feal the jucies starting to come she yelled im IM CUMMING IM FUCK

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Keisuke baji
Yeah ima head out
Izumi ohishi
Actually women are more pervert than men