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#112499 - When he looked the other way he sees Melissa still with some cum on her tits she smiled at her master he knew she would serve him well on her knees and bend over to anyone that pays for it . Lisa looked scared but fascinated what the fuck James how did you do this ?! And why am I here !? she screams out looking at the slaves and then back go James that's easy Lisa I always loved you and now we can be together you can become the boss of these slaves and live a happy life with me as my wife he says as he gently controls her mind not to make her a slave but just enough to make her his you mean they will do everything I command ? she asks as James nods his head but school , my education,  my parents!  They will never agree with this ! she says scarred don't worry Lisa that life is over we can do whatever we want soon we have enough money to buy what we want and do wat we want ? he says smiling how do you mean enough money ? she asks as the bell rings

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