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#110200 - After sliding another condom on my cock Amy sat on me backwards and we tried to aim my cock inside her ass my head gave way into her ass the sweatyness around her asshole acted as a lubricant to get it inside her only problem is i couldn't slide the rest of my cock in her asshole because there was to much ass blocking my shaft from going all the way inside her but i didint wanna be rude but as Amy moved and tried bouncing up and down on the head of my cock i felt something go pop i ignored it for a bit and kept going i didint think anything of it and i was really close to cumming but suddenly a smell filled up the room it was a smell of fresh shit i asked Amy to move up for a second and my horrific thought came true the condom broke inside her and there was shit on my dick Amy got embarrassed over it i told her its fine a normal thing if your gonna have anal sex there is a 50/50 chance theres gonna be shit involved i ended up talking her into letting me cum in be

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I love avery cristy
Honoka mitsui
Me encantas y asi tienes q ser bien putita