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#117355 - After the hug Lukas said: this is my mate Dylan and she said nice two meat you I’m Ashlee, then we got her bag’s and started heading to the car, as we were heading to the car Lukas court me checking cousin out Ashlee, he said: Dude you even think about her in that way I’ll kick you in head, I said sorry then we got in the car and headed off. My name is Dylan I’m only 17, my mate Lukas is 15 and his cousin Ashlee is 17 same as me, Ashlee is really hot She’s 5’9 long brown hair 34-DD and to top it all off a nice round ass, a really nice girl, bye the way Lukas is pommy but her lives in Australia and Ashlee is visiting from England A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Lukas he said that his mum and dad and are in a jam and can’t pick up his cousin from the air-port, so he asked me if I could take him to the air-port to pick her up, I said yer why not.

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Sasaki saku
Check out the quick fuck on my page
Toyosatomimi no miko
Dang she had some work done her face and shot up a few oxys before this vid