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#300070 - her arms are around his neck, and just barely hanging on! Just as Mich is resigned to the fact that there is nothing she can do, and finally realizes that she is now able to take him, starts to fuck back! They are both now so close to orgasm her boyfriend Mike, waiting for the perfect time has pulled her blindfold free! This is all it takes as Mich so incredibly turned on and the thought for her of having sex with this young black man against her fathers will is so sinful and perverted that it brings her and him instantly to an even more incredible heart stopping but incredible release! One of the best she has ever had and as a young horny woman she has already had plenty! But it has also gotten rid of his painful blue balls! Time stands still as they continue fucking as if neither want to stop the humping and thrusting that becomes deeper an harder! It is a true battle of, interracial sex as the young black man not wanting to quit, is s

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