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#127211 - She gives him a baleful stare and places her hands on her hips “Oh you think it’s funny?” Joe chuckles “Not my fault that the results of my handiwork is on one of my most favourite parts of you” She pulls a face at him and he smiles “I can see where Andy learned that one from” She bends down, picking up the bottle of lotion, opens it and pours some into her hand “Turn around” Joe obediently turns around and she starts to rub the lotion into his back and shoulders, applying more lotion to her hands she works the lotion into his sides and his front. “Damn” Running his hand through his hair he walks out of the bathroom. “Is something wrong?” “No, we’re just going home…for a while” Joe frowns but allows himself to get swept up in her hurry to get back home, he barely have the door open, when she rips the umbrella and canvas gets ripped from his hands.

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Love her showing out these hot sneakers again more