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#21031 - About 15 minutes later she came back with another Victoria’s Secret bag as well as a bag from the chemist then we walked out to her car and got in after she put the bags in back seat we drove out of the parking lot and drove down the road to their house we got out and Keniesha grabbed the bags and held my hand as we walked to the door of their house just as we got there Dale opened the door for us and we went in and i followed Keniesha to their bedroom and sat on the end of the bed while Keniesha walked into their ensuite bathroom. Soon it was 12:30pm so we cleaned up and went and had lunch after lunch we went back to the bedroom and they both took turn fucking me, soon it was 4:30pm and i had to be home by 6 unless i went to a movie i told Keniesha and Dale i had to ring my mum and tell her i was going to a movie but Keniesha said why don’t you tell her you are sleeping over here so i can help you with your homework so i rang mum and told her and she said it was ok i hung up the phon

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