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#309065 - You're not going to like this she said both your right and your left radiuses are fractured its this bone she pointed to the outside of her forearm both of your scaphoid's are fractured too its the bone that connects your thumb to your wrist, then on your right hand both of your outside metacarpals your pinkie and ring finger are fractured as well. I shot once down her neck and she came back up and let the rest fill her mouth, she sat up and showed me her full mouth before swallowing my entire load in a gulp. 'You like dont you? Her whole demeanor had changed, her voice was low and gutteral and her eyes let the naughtiness flow from her c'mon Jason admit it you've wanted this for a long time haven't you? She smiled No I groaned Dont lie to me Jason she said sexily I know your darkest secrets I've known them for a while she ripped my shorts down and firmly grabbed my bobbing cock I just wanna tell you little brother your da

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