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#238545 - The old world smiths abandoned this place because time and space dont exist here DracMorair: The Lotus is the perfect allegory for it. what a charmed life this stallion has led as I beging quickly working over his shaft to volcanic eruption~~ captianplutonium: -hed think in his head asking drak not to tell anyone knowing she could ead the studs mind pusshing deepr reaching his climax nd ould let his hot magam flow inside her tough keeping it only warm in her like hot oil as to not hurt her as hed pant squzzng her shaft kissing her deeply sucking her toungue- DracMorair: ~~lacing my ruff jaguar/wolf forked toungue over his I tickle the roof of his mouth with a giggle as the orgasm rides my body as the pressure swells.

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