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#152290 - ” I said this is like the different names for Daddy’s penis, and Mommy said yes, in health class you call it the penis, but all those other names for it when you’re with me and Daddy are okay and we like to hear you say them. I blew up inside, I thought my pussy and stomach and head were all blowing up inside me just like the volcano and I could hardly breathe and I know I was going OH OH OH just like Mommy did last night, and then the melting began and it seemed like somebody or something was throwing a blanket of nice cool water all over me and making me feel real snoozy. While we were drying dishes, I asked her whether a pussy is the same thing as a cunt, and she said oh honey they’re just different words for your vagina, it just depends on who’s using the word and whether they’re trying to explain about sex, or get fucks from you, or whatever.

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The way she moves so elegant so sexy xxx
Megumi natsu
I would make her moan