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#20731 - Emma went on to ask me what I look for when im exploring I didn’t really want to scare her of by telling her i want to fuck so I decided to play dumb and ask her what she means, Emma gave me a “really nigga” kind of look and told me we both knew what she ment I kind of got a little shy speaking about my sex life I took a deep breath “Im not one to seek out women I more or less seek what a women seeks and kind of piggy back of her fetishes and fantasy’s that way I gain experience and have a little fun trying new things along the way” I explained. I looked up at Emma her face still flushed with intense pleasure she ran to me giving me a large passionate kiss holding my head forwards to hers “Thankyou this was the best fuck ive had in a very long time” Emma thanked me in that charming accent of hers and proceeded to get dressed.

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