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#329479 - Then I herd Shaz shout May over “hey May are bitch is awake” May walked over hi there awake are we, come here she said as she put her hand inside the cage bars, care full May she might bite you, Ho I think ill be alright, “I said come her”, in a firmer voice so I went to her on all fours as I couldn’t stand up, that’s a good dog now she said as she patted me on the head. They lined me up and Shaz got hold of my pussy lips and spread them apart May guided the big hard cock in me ho my god it was big then I felt the horse jerk once twice tree times then I lost count. I crawled over to my bed and snuggled up to the pups to keep them warm, well I can tell you they didn’t waist any time in getting there milk before I new it I got one hanging on each tit and the others trying to get them of so they could get some, I didn’t really get any sleep that night or for about there nights after, By the forth day my nipples were that sore I didn’t no what to do with my self I think all my milk ha

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Kotori mizuki
Good job
Yuu nishinoya
Perfect blowjob and very cute skills
Kakeru kogure
Very nice to lick