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#113155 - Just that smile from Ben once again sent the blood rushing to Scott’s dick, and as he watched his younger brother walk towards the shop, he could not help but admire his tight bubble bum and as he entered the shop and his ass went out of sight, Scott drove towards the town centre with a hardon leaking pre cum on to his clean grey briefs. “Never Ben it will remain between us” Scott wished they had more time but he was drawing up outside the shop Ben worked in, He wanted to ask Ben if they could do it again sometime, but it was too late Ben was climbing out of the car, Ben called out to one of his work mates to wait on him, he turned to close the door of the car and the smile he gave to his handsome big brother brought butterflies to Scott’s stomach, it was a sexy smile, not a scowl they both knew everything was going to be alright. Ben cursed himself inside, his bottle had crashed once again, he had sat in his room coming up with a plan, he was going to go down stairs hand Scott

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