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#272262 - When I got to his house I walked in without knocking and found him in his bed so before I got in bed with him I went ahead and took my close off and slid in beside him as soon as I was under the covers we started making out whole we where kissing he moved his and down my body and slid his finger into the depths of my wet pussy he moved his finger to his mouth and sucked the juice from his fingers. He text me back and told me that I stole his number I said I didn't still your number you gave it to me last night after we started talking for a little bit I decided that I really liked him and want to meet him again. When I got the he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie I said sure he ask what I wanted to watch and I told him I didn't matter I was to busy staring at him he was about 5'6 thin with lots of muscal.

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Tail blue | aika tsube
Ano name nyan pre hahaha
Ange ushiromiya
His name
Kyouka hikawa
That s because she ain t playin