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#96635 - Mike knew exactly what I meant and said he needed a few more minutes, but that yes, he was would definitely be up for some more hijinks(!) We drank our beers and chatted like nothing had happened between us, but we were making plenty of eye contact, Mike s hazel eyes were twinkling, and we were both smiling slyly, almost trying not to, as we chatted and kissed. We finished our margaritas and we all went outside and Rick and I strapped the windsurfer to the top of our jeep, we all piled in and off we went to the beach; We had a great time; I put my windsurfer to sea and as I sailed across the waves, the warm summer breeze in my hair and the sun on my body, I felt absolutely glorious; windsurfing was my life, and right now it was just what I needed to clear my head; I realized how good life had been to me, was being to me: it felt amazing, alone on my sail board out on the Pacific; freshly bedded, my libido sated….

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