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#230049 - Calms are finally mine as are yours. and floppy, teeter totters seas, that change; that shift, and there are many moods, as it all BECOMES AND feels very different at various cycles; these are ventures I face in the body of waters, changing from moment to moment, high and low, up and down, swaying, and modulating, abrupt and unsure, surprisingly tossing to and fro, upheavals, and at times a battle, illness, frightful and tiring to the mind and soul, but no matter whether it be the horizon or compass to guide me, I cling to the hope of soon reaching shore, and search for clear blue skies, for sign of overhead birds; the doves and seagulls, that my tempestuous voyage will ultimately end, taking me to my final destiny, to safety, and to calm, and to reveal to you (myself) that which is in my heart, and to once again hold you in my arms, to be whole again. The journey of the message by LtnScorpio4x Once starting from land, over the mountains, and then across the sea, I am one, alone, u

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