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#27443 - Well …. My pussy was sopping wet and my tits were hard as rocks Andrew satiated to fondle my new E cup breasts as I star toted to rub his cock on my pussy Andrew lifted me off the ground and laid me on my bed as he started to kiss me slowly He kissed my left tit and then the right one pausing for a moment to suck on the nipple It sent electricity to my brain relaying it then to my sopping pug wet pussy Then he lined up the head of his cock to the opening of my little cunt As he slowly pushed it into my dripping hole he sent wave upon wave upon wave of pleasure rushing through me Is was total bliss Then he slowly went all the way into me and bottomed out he slid back out and slid back in creating a rhythm as he did so He started to pick up speed In so started to pound into me Then I released, I started to cum my pussy muscles stared to clamp down on Andrew big hard dick but he still pounded into me like a hammer on a nail It was pure ecstasy I w

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Tamako harakawa
She is fucking fit i wish a sexy woman could di that with me dammmm
Caster | medea
Thx i m like your body too