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#217047 - “I know; we’ll be busy ourselves” and leaning down to tell her daughter, “ – save some for your sisters; they’re waiting. §§§ Sofa cushions and an oversized pillow were arranged on the floor in a make-shift bed, and the four women stood around it nervously milling among each other naked and giggling, drinking wine and playing slap & tickle, feeling each other up and comparably remarking on their body parts – their breasts & nipples, their legs & butts, the girls admiring of Maggie’s big tits and sumptuous ass, and Maggie nostalgic for a time when she was as youth-lean & limber as they and without stretch-marks – and trying to figure who should go first and how to go about it. The family regrouped in the main room, the girls collected on the couch close to their mother and George seated in the lounger, all of varied post-coital flush and the gargantuan sex toy still lying in wait unexplained.

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