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#184933 - She put her cock away thay got in house tom ran to the bath room Linda walk in the kitchen she see tom mom by the sink walk up behide her kiss her neck grab her ass she whiper in her ear saying dose my horny bitch get knickers on she seld no u told me I'm not aloud to wear any linda ran her hand under hen of her skirt linda put her hand on her pussy and rub it she seld that a good whore. She say I tell u it long story but I cut it down (your mom was out with her mate at end of the nite I was chat to your mom when it was closeing time your mom and me was walk we was about 5 mins from your house I see a alley I grab her hair took down push up fench I pull her dress up the slut didn't have any knicker on I fuck her hard and deep cum up her nasty holes befor I let her go I gave her my number she call me couple days later.

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