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#233524 - Her mom got up seld that coffee go thor me she went up stairs mike seld I'm going cum rachel pick moms coffee cup up seld cum in her coffee she pull mike short down aim his cock to her cup he shot his cum in cup rachel let go of his cock got a spoon and stir the cum and coffee just in time befor her mom walk in she drank the coffee ever one went there way doing there thing It was about 6 in afternoon rachel was on sofa mom came in seld what u upto tonite she seld not much u want a girly nite mom mike won't be home till tomoz she seld ok thay went to there room and got in there niteys rachel was wear a short on and naked under it thay had there tea it was 7 thay put a film on and drink wine. She fone her son up tell him mike her son seld u can move in with me I got 3 rooms mom she seld ok. Rachel got her fone text mike say mom is a sub I'm get her to get all her knicker I'm going bin them love u master speak when u back her mom walk in with bag full of knicker rachel took The bag tie

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