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#92350 - They had ended up cracking three ribs and although I wasn't paralyzed at all something just as bad did accure, the reason I couldn't see out of my eye that day in the hospital was because they had to remove it, it was messed up too badly, I didn't really pay attention to the technical terms, all I knew was that my eye was gone and replaced with a damned glass one, but it looked pretty real so I figured since people already tried to ignore me they wouldn't notice, and if they did maybe they'd just figure I was wearing a contact or something, because I had requested the iris of the glass-eye be violet. I waited for Shannon to walk out of the school and begin to walk home, since she only lived a few miles away. With a grin I passed off the glare Tony gave me, and I began to plot my attack, my first target had to be Shannon, although Jessi was his girl.

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