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#310894 - As stated in part 2 the previous few days were taken up by the Easter Holidays so no opportunity offered it’s self. Sharon now released my shrinking cock from her mouth but kept on licking it as she did this I started to wriggle my tongue with more enthusiasm and Sharon began to make light grunting noises but the faster I went the more my tongue got tired and had to replace it with my fingers, this time she stopped me and said no not your fingers put your cock up there, I told her to make it hard for her then. I had been wanking for only a few seconds when I was startled by the door opening and Sharon entered the room, she was only wearing a dressing down which was totally open revealing her gorgeous body beneath it.

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Lei fang
I also want to be fucked with such a dick
Mitsuru ashikawa
I love testicles why would anyone want to hurt them