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#191342 - The night carried on, I heard guys grunt as they cum in the girls, my ass took several loads before I found Kerry laying on her back, my ass went on her mouth, then pushed the cum out, she ate it all, I saw Lyn drop a load in Franks mouth too, he licked her holes out making her orgasm on his tongue too. I saw her look at John who was sitting near her, wanking his cock as he watched his lover being used like this, I know she had told him we like group fucks, but this was new to him, she crawled over to him dragging the guys with her, sucking his cock then told him she was going to take him aside in a minute, I saw her working the guys harder, and they soon cum, when they pulled out, she took John into the spare room. It must have been around 2 am, when the guys slowed, some had left, the rest sat limp dick in hand as we finished off the rest, it was then I saw Lyn come back with John, he was smiling his cock now limp, and covered in his cum, Lyn gave me a smile and joined in w

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