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#14365 - All three started caressing the dangling turgid penis, still cutting up with each other with the occasional taunt and insult indicating “they must never have whacked off a boyfriend or lover, how in hell can you get your own self off with that kind of technique!” As the penis started stiffening and then become engorged from the manipulations, slowly the taunts and jiving dwindled off to breathy comments like, “Wow, look at it, it is so hard, so massive, feel the heat from that thing, it is like a hot poker, only huge, it does look like a human penis, the pink head is so pretty, feel how massive it is when you wrap your hands around it, jeez, I cannot even get my hand to close around it or even the shaft!” It was very obvious that all of them were very enthralled and fascinated at feeling for the first time such a powerful and massive male sexual organ. The five women were all extremely statuesque drop dead gorgeous – even now they could have easily competed with swimsuit and

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