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#380222 - oo and here is your cell you mom wants you to call her so i took my cell and called my mom when she answer she said are you safe how is harvey i said mom im fine and harvey is good to and im sorry i ran away my mom said its okay my boy aslong as your safe i love you son then a mans voice came on the phone it was my dad he said you made your mom sick with worry leonardo i said sorry dad he said you better had be i love you my boy and i cant wait to give you a hug i thought to my self my dad doesnt give hugs to anyone apart from my mom i said i love you to dad but i gotta go coz me and harvey are going shopping and i ended the call me and harvey walked around rome and did some shopping and he made me eat a full meal after we was done with shopping we went back to the hotel and had sex it was amazing i forgotten how the touch of my hustband felt i got the feeling harvey missed me alot from the way we was having sex because he put like 110 percent effort into it when we was

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Koko hekmatyar
Que preciosidad de chica me gusta mogollon
Nagi sanzenin
Wow your ass is awesome
Izumo kamiki
This isnt a minecraft lets play