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#376595 - I sat on a nearby sofa while Piper and her boyfriend began to make out and rip of each others clothes Jill became instantly focused on the 2 teens tongues dancing around each others mouths and how experienced they were , the first thing that redirected Jill's senses was Summer's tits popping out and being malled by her boyfriend i could notice his cock sticking out of his undies like a tent Summer noticed me looking and made eye contact with me as she freed his cock from his pants and taking it into her mouth Jill was mind blown at the size of his cock and Summer just taking it down her throat, Piper continued to go as deep as possible Summer went up and down her boyfriend's cock getting it nice and wet Summer beckoned to Jill to come around and see from a different angle Summer then went over his cock rubbing the head of his cock between the folds of her pussy lips and then sat down taking the cock inside her inch by inch like a pro Jill began to feel a sli

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